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Flip Video Ultra

flipVideoUltra.jpgI know. Everyone has talked about Flip Video Cameras. I’m about a year late. I never really gave the Flip Video a chance. It’s a barebone, feature-less, relatively cheap handheld camera that shoots 640×480 AVI’s. It’s not exactly a geek’s dream camcorder. It’s almost the opposite. I’ve been researching digital video cameras for about a year now. I’m mostly waiting for a 1080p camera to be priced for a consumer to buy. That hasn’t really happened yet. There are options for that out there. Then I heard a couple people I trust in the geek world talk about the Flip Video so I decided to check it out for myself.

I think the most attractive points to the Flip Video is that it is cheap ($100.86 for the 30-minute and $149.99 for the 60-minute) and simple to use. You basically press the red button on the back to start recording. You press a button to stop. To get the video off the camera, you flip out the little USB connector from the side of it and plug it into your Mac or PC. You can use the supplied software to edit it or even upload to AOL or YouTube, or you can just copy off the MPEG4 AVI files and edit them in your own software. You can even connect the camera directly to your TV and watch the video that way. The Flip Video also runs on AA batteries so when you on the go and forgot to charge your batteries, you can easily go to a gas station or convenient store and pick up some.



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