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Trying MarsEdit 2

I’ve been looking for a desktop blogging editor for a while now. I’ve lost a few posts using the online WordPress editor. The last time, I wrote a fairly extensive post only to find out that my connection was down and my progress was not saving. When I hit the publish button, I got a server connection error. When I went back a page, I lost everything I wrote since my last save which was only one sentence.

Being that I don’t want to repeat such an event, I decided to look for an application that allowed me to edit offline. The options that I found were MarsEdit and Ecto. After reading some reviews on both, MarsEdit looks more tempting. First of all, it looks prettier, very important. Second, it has a lot more features. Both apps are trialware. Ecto costs $17.95 while MarsEdit costs $29.95.

I’m liking the MarsEdit interface so far. The main blog window looks very much like Mail. Any Mac user should feel at home with it. One cool feature that I’m excited to try out soon is the Flickr integration. I should be able to insert my Flickr photos into my posts easily. I’ll try to give a more in-depth review when I put more use into it. I am writing this post in MarsEdit right now. We’ll see if this posts properly in a minute. I guess I’ll see if it does. If it doesn’t, you’d probably wouldn’t know it.



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