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The MacBook Has Arrived

It's HereYes. Finally, the day has come. I’ve been without a laptop for one week and it’s been awkward. I don’t like the idea of being planted in one place for computing. Feels too much like I’m working. I’m writing with it right now. I’m actually writing it in the dark. The screen dims and the keyboard lights up automatically. It’s quite awesome. I think this will do wonders for my writing. I spent most of the evening installing my favorite Mac apps. This included Firefox, Spaz, Adium, HandBrake, and iStat Menus. I still have more I need to install. I installed some essential add-ons to Firefox like Better Flickr and Better Gmail.

I’m really liking Leopard so far. The multi-touch track pad is incredible. There are so many little things in Leopard that I’m really enjoying and I will start them as soon as I go to work tomorrow and use the Mac Pro with Tiger on it. I think I’m going to use Mail on here instead of Thunderbird. I’m used to Thunderbird, but I think it’ll be more efficient to use Mail. I’m still getting used to the fact that I have a MacBook Pro right now, so I’ll talk more about it later.



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