Wasted Continuum
The space between…

Data Backup

ChainI just received my new 500GB drive and a new external enclosure today. Right now I’m backing up all my data on my laptop. Hopefully I’ll have it cleaned out and I’ll reinstall everything by this weekend. I think I might put XP back on there, ghost the drive, then try a linux install. So if I don’t like it, I can put XP back and not have my laptop down for too long. The 500GB is going into my desktop. I’m trying to migrate all my work/project files onto my desktop from my laptop. My hope is to have my laptop be for my minor tasks like surfing, emailing, listening to music and watching movies. All I know is that I have a lot of organizing to do. That includes my desktop too. My data is scattered. I need to reorganize it soon before it gets worse.



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