Wasted Continuum
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Bad, Bad Day

Long day. I think some time during Sunday, my poor GTi stepped on a nail. This morning when I was driving to work, it drove like it was slippery. I just thought it was the snow that had been accumulating. When I was exiting off the highway, my car slipped big time. Luckily, my traction control kicked in and corrected for it and I got to work alright. At lunchtime, my coworkers and I were going to take my car to head out when my one of them noticed that my rear passenger-side tire lost a lot of air. It was then when I realized that it wasn’t just the snow that made it lose control all morning. We ended up taking another car to lunch.

After work, I drove my car to Tires Plus to patch up the leaky tire and actually replace them with all-seasons. I had the stock performance tires on. The guy working there told me that the only tires they had in stock that fit my wheels were also performance tires, not all-seasons. So I told them to just patch the leaky tire and I’ll get all-seasons later this week. They go and check out the leaky tire and come back to tell me that the sidewall actually cracked on the inside and could not be patched. That was when I figured that big slip out on the highway was probably the sidewall cracking.

So I ended up having to buy a hundred dollar performance tire to replace the cracked one. I still have to go and get them replaced with all-seasons soon. I’ll probably be out approximately 500-600 bucks this week. Not good.



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