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Tegan and Sara and My Love for Them

Tegan and SaraI finally got the chance to see Tegan and Sara live. I’ve been in love with them for so many years, but for one reason or another, I was never able to attend their performances. Tonight, it was at the Pantages Theater in Minneapolis.

Northern State, a band from New York, opened for them. I can’t say I liked them much. They’re basically a hip-hop girl band. A lot of their songs sounded like the Beastie Boys which would in theory be a great thing. However, after their set, it left me wanting to listen to some Beastie Boys, not Northern State. They do deserve some props because they did actually work with Ad-Rock on a few tracks.

I’d like to say first that Tegan and Sara’s performance was almost flawless. During the first three or four songs, the vocal levels were too frickin’ low. That really sucked because one major reason that I love Tegan and Sara is for their voices. Thankfully, they fixed that issue.

Between song, they told a lot of funny stories. Tegan did most of the talking. Sara did have a great story about humanity losing to the “robots” and Armageddon. I like it when artists actually talk and acknowledge the audience. *Do you hear that Mr. Dylan? *You can see some of their hilarity on their DVD, It’s Not Fun, Don’t Do It!. I highly recommend it. Besides John Mayer on Any Given Thursday, I don’t know of anyone else who actually has a commentary track you can listen to as you watch the live concert. It’s funny.

I think they played about seven or eight songs off The Con, their newly released album. The rest of the set were older songs, which I prefer. I don’t think I appreciate If It Was You and So Jealous enough. I think I just love Under Feet Like Ours so frickin’ much that I feel all their following albums are inferior. Now that I think about it, there are so many tracks of those two albums that are just so good and solid. Songs like You Wouldn’t Like Me, I Know I Know I Know, City Girl, *and *Not Tonight are amazing and I can’t imagine not being part of their discography.

I had seats in the second row so I had a great view of them. I came to realize three things during this concert. One, they can play much, much more that pretty chords. I watched Tegan with her sexy black, flat top Les Paul and red Ace Frehley strap. She played some sweet riffs on a few songs. Two, Tegan and Sara are so hot and adorable at the same time. I just want to put them in pocket, one on each side. Three, I think I love Tegan more than Sara. I know they both look them same, if you don’t count their tattoos. I know they have the same voice even though they sing slightly different from one another. The big difference is that Sara is the one with all the cute and funny stories. Tegan, on the other hand, is the one with all the smartass remarks and funny stories. I understand that more. And for some reason that I can’t explain, I think she’s a little bit sexier. It may have been the Les Paul. The kicker is that I feel like I wouldn’t get along with her. I don’t know why. I think it’s just like their song You Wouldn’t Like Me. I think that is why that is one of my favorite songs.

I had a great night. Good things do come out of Canada. I stopped into Solera again after the concert. It was happy hour. I ate a lot of cheap and yummy tapas and bocadillos. I also had a tasty glass of Spanish red wine.



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