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Tech: Now I'm Interested

Asus Eee PCOne of the biggest topics in the computing world is the newly released Asus Eee PC notebook computer. Everyone and their moms has written up something about it. So why the frickin’ buzz you ask? If you don’t know what the Eee is, it is an ultra-portable 7″ laptop. What’s cool about it is that it is a flash NAND based computer. Right now, there is a 4GB and a 8GB model. It’s also preloaded with Linux. It has a built-in camera and wireless b/g. It’s installed with OpenOffice, Skype and other software. The Eee is aimed for someone who’s on the go and does not need a laptop with tons of memory. Instead, you can throw it in your bag, go to a local wifi coffee house and blog about pointless issues for four hours before you have to plug in the tiny adapter that it comes with. The thing that gets most people excited is the fact that it costs only $399 (4GB).

So all of that would make a lot of geeks run out to get one. What’s got my attention is this little article that was posted a couple days ago on Uneasysilence. Someone actually loaded OS X Leopard on one and posted the tutorial for it. For $399, I’m really getting tempted. I guess I should wait until MacWorld Expo in January to see if a new MacBook is announced before I jump the gun.



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