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Cooking: Perfection in a Blade

Global G-2 Chef Knife

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After almost snapping the blade off my crappy old chef knife while cutting a cold carrot, I decided I needed to get a new one. I did a bit of research on it and read a lot of opinions. I already knew about Wustof knives. Who hasn’t? I then discovered Global, a Japanese knife company, who several famous chefs recommends. After some research, I saw that Williams-Sonoma sells them. I went to the one in Rosedale and spent a good half an hour trying out the different chef knives including the Global. I think it was the first time I chopped and minced vegetables in the middle of a shopping mall.

After taking it home and playing with it I have determined that this has got to be considered a perfect chef knife. It’s handle fits my hands exactly. Where the handle meets the blade is beveled like a standard Chinese vegetable knife. That made it feel very comfortable for me. It’s ridiculously light, yet heavy enough to feel solid. It’s sharp as a samurai sword. The blade and the handle is balanced evenly. And lastly, it looks frickin cool.

If you are looking for a chef knife, do yourself a favor and try out a Global. I don’t think you’d be sorry. This knife makes me wish I was food prepping at the restaurant again, just so I can cut all day long. That says a lot.



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