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Apple: New MacBook Rumors

Apple Logo iMac StyleSo the latest rumor going around is that Apple will be releasing a new MacBook coming soon. It’ll be thin and aluminum. It will probably look like the new keyboard. I’m hoping that it will be a new MacBook not a Pro version. The current MacBook Pro is awesome. I use one at work all the time. It doesn’t really need to be upgraded besides maybe a faster processor and more memory. Design-wise, it’s great. The a MacBook upgrade will be one that I’d be interested in. I’ve been looking for a small (i.e. 13″) laptop that is light and can handle Lightroom. My current laptop is a Sager 17″ and it’s really heavy. It’s fine for what I originally bought it for. It’s a high powered, mini-desktop system that I can take with me when I need to. It’s way to bulky for me to just pickup and go to a coffee shop with. I looked at the current MacBook and it’s a bit to thick for my taste. It’s also heavier than I thought it would be. I guess I’ll just wait…again…to see what Steve Jobs announces. Now that I said I want a new MacBook, it’s inevitably going to be a new MacBook Pro instead! Damn you, Apple. You get me every time.



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